Why us?

Safety is No Accident!


Safety is our number one priority in all operations. The culture of safety is paramount and Scout UAS works hard to provide the absolute best safe approach to any situation. If we can't execute a mission safely, the work wont be completed. 



Our know-how and expertise is growing everyday. Scout UAS doesn't guarantee the most experienced pilots in the business, but we do work everyday to learn, grow, and build our business from hard work and lessons learned. Every client matters and every project receives the maximum dedication. We won't be satisfied until you're satisfied!



Our experience is work in progress. 

In 2018, Scout UAS :

  • Mapped 10,000+ acres 
  • Flew 250+ hours
  • Uploaded 300+ GB of data
  • Zero Accidents/Lost Man Hours

Alliances and Partnerships


Still not convinced?


Our Approach

 Scout UAS approaches every project, every client, and every production with the intent on making it the best for the client, and making sure it is representative of our capabilities and sells our work to the next client.

We are experts in all of the necessary regulations, being both licensed and insured to operate drones, and are very knowledgeable in all areas of the southeast and especially in the foothills and mountains. We will help plan, scout, and execute, offering our full suite of production services.

Our Story

 Scout UAS is a culmination of different backgrounds meeting for one common goal.  Owner and CEO, Brady Turner started his career in the construction, geology, documentation, and the technology fields. After several years in the technology and construction sectors, Brady Turner started Aerial Construction Services in 2014.

For several years, Aerial Construction Services (ACS) provided aerial photography, video and data to construction teams and private companies.  ACS served the mainly the Southeast USA until the end of 2018. In 2019, ACS became the company it is today, Scout UAS , LLC.

Scout UAS was first based in Nashville, TN and has now grown to a second location, Baton Rouge, LA. The company has grown into what it is today through various contracts in mapping, surveying, documentation and large scale projects. 


Scout UAS possesses the best drone technology, and pair that with a full production studio for all post production needs including voiceover, motion graphics, 3D modeling, and more. Scout UAS is a truly drone and production technology expert company.


Scout UAS brings years of experience to every shoot. We research and employ advanced geographical knowledge about the southeast and Appalachia front range, as well as about drone technology, drone laws and regulations, and overall camera and production knowledge. 

Principles of our work

  1.  Safety 
  2. Your Vision 
  3. Cost Efficiency  
  4. Creativity
  5. Professionalism 
  6. Flexibility
  7. Innovation

Licensed - Insured - Compliant

Scout UAS LLC operates under 14 CFR Part 107 and obeys all rules and guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration. All aerial missions require FAA authorization or must take place in uncontrolled airspace.